Coin Magic

Have you ever wanted to impress your friends with magic? Maybe you've always considered magic just too difficult. Ever thought it was possible to do a magic coin trick with your android smartphone? Well, look no further than the Magic Coin Trick. Here's a magic trick that anyone can do. All you need is the trusty magic coin trick software and be ready to amaze your friends.

How the trick works is simple. Hide a coin in the hand you are holding the phone with. On the phone screen, select a coin. Move the coin around on the smart phone to show how real the coin is. Five seconds after you release the coin on the screen, the coin slowly will disappear. In the five seconds, tell them that you've trapped the coin inside... or that you've magically digitized the coin using a space aged digitizer. Finally, the coin disappears. Out of nowhere, drop the real coin from your hand. As the real coin magically appears right before their eyes, you'll be the toast of the town with this trick. This is a magic trick for anyone beginners or experts. Besides coin, you can even choose a paper clip to perform this magic.

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