Facebook Applications Management Framework

This project received the Outstanding Graduate Project Award from California State University, Fullerton. The main target of this project is to develop a Facebook Applications Management Framework to develop, control, test, manage, improve, reuse and maintain Facebook Applications. With this framework, developing and managing Facebook Applications will be easier, faster, better quality, more convenient and more controllable. As a conclusion, this framework will be used for designing and developing Facebook Applications that span over several enterprises by applying techniques, methodologies, and notations offered by Software engineering.

Attribute Driven Design (ADD) approach is used for this project because ADD supports the ability to achieve the desired quality attributes in the early stage of design. Also, ADD allows design to begin early enough in the life cycle to support modern time-to-market requirements.

  • Application Toolkit Module
  • Advertisement Module (Under Development)
  • Database Module
  • Layout Module
  • Language Module
  • Mobile Module (Under Development)
  • History Logging System
  • Administration System
  • Configuration Management System (Under Development)
  • Version Management System


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