Party Analyzer

Do you think you're the life of the party? Or maybe your friend thinks he's the life of the party. Well, it's time to find out. Using the Party Analyzer app, use it to gauge how much of a party guy/girl you are? Actual, it's good for ice breaker's and just to make fun of yourself and friends. Or use it to cheer up a friend.

The app's advanced features will allow you to control the ratings and comments. This is great as a gag app where you can first take a snapshot of your friend and have them rated as below average. And then shifting the mode secretly without being noticed, you can let your friend take a snapshot of you and always score a very high rating score. Trick your friends and trick strangers, this app will be a delight.

Also, use the power for the greater good. Imagine someone is down on their luck and just got dumped yet again. Your friend thinks he's the worst person in the world. Well, just bust out the app, tell him to smile, switch to EXCELLENT rating mode and make his day.

Last but not least, besides "Are you a drinker?", this app can also analyze "Are you a dancer?", "Can you sing?"

This app will bring a lot of fun and laugh to you and your friends. If your friends start challenging the analyzing power of this power, switch to the "not a human face" mode and take a random picture to surprise your friends.

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