Warehouse System

This system was designed for a company which sells products through ebay. Averagely, there are 200 to 300 orders daily.

This system manages the daily warehouse activities about orders and warehouse inventory. Daily orders are stored to the system database from CSV files.

Warehouse staffs can check for new orders, search or update the record of customers and orders, print shipping label, etc...

Admin users can manage inventory stock, generate a list of low inventory items, manage staff's login information, check item statistics and accounting information, etc...

System automatically sends email to customers whenever order status is updated, keeps track of warehouse inventory, etc..

Customer can check the order status through the front end of the system.

  • Internal Troubleshooting
  • Message Logging System
  • CSV Upload Data Input
  • Manual Data Input/Modify/Delete
  • Search with specific date, user, keywords, amount, etc...
  • Send Status Email
  • Email Template Management
  • Staff Login Management
  • Inventory Statistics
  • Simple Price Calculation
  • Item Order Update
  • Simple Accounting Calculation
  • Database Backup/Restore Module
  • Generate Shipping Label
  • Inventory Management


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